2s – 5s Program

NGNS offers classes for children aged 2, 3, 4, and 5 years.

2 year olds: This drop-off program, theme-based program offers children an introduction to the preschool environment. Classes are any number of days (M, T, W, Th) 9-12.

3 year olds theme-based curriculum (2 days/week) : depending on availability

3 year olds theme-based curriculum (3 days/week): (M,W,F or T,TH,F) 9-12:30

3 year olds theme-based curriculum (4 days/week): (M-TH) 9-12:30

4 year olds kindergarden-ready curriculum (3 days/week): (M,W,F or T,TH,F) 9-12:30

4 year olds kindergarden-ready curriculum (4 days/week): (M-TH) 9-12:30

4 year olds kindergarden-ready curriculum (5 days/week):  (M-F) 9-12:30

Please note that additional classes are offered as needed, depending on enrollment and interest from year to year. Our executive director is happy to help parents find the best fit for their children.

Each of the classrooms at North Guilford Nursery School is divided into the following centers for learning: dramatic play, art/sensory, blocks, manipulatives, and language & literacy. Toys and learning materials in each center are rotated when possible to keep interest high.

Children are read to daily, from books of high quality children’s literature. Circle time is also offered daily, for no more than 10-15 minutes depending upon the interest and attention span of the class. Circle activities include: music, movement games, calendar and language/literacy activities. Participation and listening are encouraged during circle time.

Ratios and groups sizes permissible by state regulation are: 1 staff person for every 10 children over the age of 3 with a maximum group size of 20. NGNS maintains a 1:6 ratio of teachers to children, with a maximum class size of 12 in order to provide an exceptional environment for learning.