Drop off programs for ages 2, 3 and 4

Since 1955, North Guilford Nursery School (NGNS) has been providing children and their families with a memorable first school experience.  Our goal is to ensure happy, safe learning experiences and create lasting memories for all the NGNS children.

In our picturesque schoolhouse, we have three bright classrooms, a reading area and music station, a kitchen for cooking, an open play room for indoor gross motor activities and special events, and an expansive playground for fresh-air fun.

We take pride in understanding each child’s educational and social needs so they can be self-reliant, confident and, ultimately, prepared for a lifetime of learning. We believe every child can learn if given the proper tools, attention and environment.

NGNS offers programs for children ages 3 through 5 and maintains a staff:child ratio well below state regulation in order to provide children with a nurturing environment and personalized attention.  Our goal is to see to it that each child passes through our door at year’s end having experienced unlimited patience, dedication, and wisdom with large doses of inspiration, motivation and leadership.

Please contact our executive director (ngnsdirector@gmail.com), at any time to learn more about North Guilford Nursery School or to schedule a tour.